Height Safety Servicing and Risk Audits

Safetylyne have a specialised Service Division called Australian Asset Compliance to give our customers assured and consistant servicing.


Servicing regulations......did you know?

If a system has been used to arrest a fall, the system must not be used again unless its

manufacturer or a competent person has inspected and recertified it and decided it is fit for safe use.

Minimum requirement for inspections:

- 6 monthly on harness equipment.

- Annually on permanent systems.

The system must not be used if it shows evidence of wear, damage or weakness.

Safetylyne service anchor points, harness equipment, lifting slings, staticlines and other roof access & height safety products.

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Height Safety Audits... how we can make it safer

As part of our whole package offer, we are experienced in conducting audits to identify hazards and then take it right through to recommendations to minimise risks.

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